Holy Rover: Journeys in Search of Mystery, Miracles, and God (Fortress Press, 2017) is a memoir told through trips to a dozen holy sites around the world. More information on Holy Rover

 Iowa: Off the Beaten Path (Globe Pequot Press, Tenth Edition, 2017): A journey along the highways and byways of Lori’s home state, from the Bridges of Madison County to the Loess Hills.

The Joy of Pilgrimage (Resurrection Press, 2007):  A reflection on the meaning of spiritual travel, with descriptions of sites that include Santiago de Compostela in Spain and Buddhist temples in Japan and South Korea.

Sweet Corn and Sushi (McMillen Publishing, 2004): This bilingual book about the sister state relationship between Iowa and Yamanashi, Japan, was chosen as the 2004 Iowa Children’s Book of the Year.

The Mighty Mississippi: A Traveler’s Guide (Globe Pequot Press, 1995): A guide to the attractions, lore, and history of America’s greatest river.

Lori Erickson is also the author of three collections of ghost stories published by Quixote Press in 1987 and 1988: Ghosts of Johnson County, Iowa; Ghosts of Linn County, Iowa; and Ghosts of the Amana Colonies.

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