I write about the intersection of travel and spirituality.

Lori’s New Book

The Soul of the Family Tree:

Ancestors, Stories, and the Spirits We Inherit

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Publishers Weekly: “Erickson details how researching her Norwegian American heritage led to deep personal reflection. . . With a light hand, Erickson invites readers to follow her lead and take some liberties in the search for one’s ‘spiritual DNA.’ … Readers may find themselves ordering their own DNA testing kit upon finishing this.”

Foreword Reviews: “With her trademark combination of memoir and pilgrimage tale, Erickson alternates between writing a historical study and recording experiential learning. . . The Soul of the Family Tree posits that a spiritual grounding in one’s family history can combat ‘historical amnesia’ and nurture a sense of belonging.”

Cedar Rapids Gazette: “In this radiant new book, [Erickson] brings a light heart, an old soul and a deep understanding to her subject of how tracing our genealogy can deepen our spiritual lives.”

Little Village: “”Erickson welcomes us aboard a literary longboat, dragon heads fore and aft, and sets sail on a genealogical and spiritual pilgrimage to explore all things Nordic, past and present. . . [The Soul of the Family Tree] is carefully researched and informative, concisely expressed, lighthearted in tone and woven together with humor like fine, handmade Scandinavian linen.”


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Interview on Extreme Genes: America’s Family History Show: Vikings, the Web of Wyrd, and The Soul of the Family Tree (segment starts at 10:45)

Podcast with Kenyatta Berry of PBS program Genealogy Roadshow: Genealogy as pilgrimage

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From a childhood on an Iowa farm, Lori Erickson grew up to become one of America’s top travel writers specializing in spiritual journeys. When she’s not on the road, she lives in Iowa City, Iowa.