Discussion Guide for Holy Rover

1. Which of the journeys in this book would you most like to take? Why does this one appeal to you?

2. Have you ever taken a pilgrimage? If so, how did the trip change you?

3. Have you ever taken a trip that you realized was a pilgrimage after you returned home?

4. Erickson writes, “The sacred enters our lives through the tiniest of openings, often slipping in underneath a door that slams shut: the job ends, the lover leaves, the friendship dissolves into bitterness.” Have you experienced the sacred entering your life through pain and difficulty?

5. What are the spiritual lessons that Erickson learns from her journeys?

6. What did you find surprising or intriguing in this book?

7. Erickson writes that pilgrimage may be increasing in popularity because people aren’t able to find what they need in mainstream religion. Do you agree? What might pilgrimage offer that a person can’t find elsewhere?

8. How do you view travel? Is it an adventure or a chore?

9. What makes a place holy?

10. Where are your sacred sites?

11. Erickson writes that restlessness is often a sign of spiritual transformation for her. What are the signs of impending spiritual change in your own life?

12. Did you grow up with prejudices about certain religions/denominations? What experiences or journeys might change your opinion?

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