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Recent Issues

July, 2024: I share some of my recent sketches and explore why being an amateur is good for the soul.

June, 2024: Some reflections on a gift from my Iowa grandmother than I received in Spain.

May, 2024: I visit the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, one of the most remarkable holy sites in the world.

April, 2024: I get valuable advice on slowing down from a caretaker on a remote island and a Georgetown professor.

In my March newsletter, I learn about medieval manuscripts and visit one of the most beautiful books in the world.

In my February newsletter I look to one of the best films of all time for spiritual inspiration.

Can a chair change your life? Reach my January newsletter to find out.

My December newsletter explains why Advent is the counter-cultural holiday we need.

In my November newsletter, an ancient Tibetan Buddhist ritual gives lessons in living through troubled times.

In my October newsletter, some thoughts on the spiritual lessons of birds

Read my September newsletter for a preview of my new book Every Step Is Home.

In my August newsletter, reflections on the Cathedral of the Bees in Wales. Also, some wild and crazy saints.

I’m willing to bet my summer solstice was more memorable than yours. Read my July newsletter for details.

The U.S. Surgeon General’s report on loneliness provides food for thought in my June newsletter.

In my May newsletter, some thoughts on why road trips are made for music.

Past Issues

Letting the Prince Speak First: April, 2023

Sacred Air and Migrating Angels: March, 2023

Into the Misty Woods: February, 2023

Noticing the Dragon in my Kitchen: January, 2023

A Christian, A Jungian, and a Buddhist Walk Into a Bar: December, 2022

To Forgive But Not Forget: November, 2022

Finding (and Losing) Ourselves in Art: October, 2022

With Anne on Prince Edward Island: September, 2022

In Chaco, Right Where I Needed to Be: August, 2022

For Better, For Worse, and For Weird: July, 2022

The Keepers of Stories: June, 2022

Holy Longing: May, 2022

Waking Up, Once Again: April, 2022

At the Volcano: March, 2022

Saints in the Doghouse: February, 2022

Happy 52 out of 4,000!: January, 2022

Dancing With The Northern Lights: December, 2021

Lessons From Water: November, 2021

Where the Buffalo Roam Once Again: October, 2021

The Uninvited Guest: September, 2021

Waiting for the Baby: August, 2021

In the Cathedral of Trees: July, 2021

The Three-Step Process Everyone Should Know: June, 2021

A Preview of My New Book: May, 2021

Whatever It Is, It’s Solved By Walking: April, 2021

Bright Sadness & Sober Happiness: March, 2021

Breathing Our Way to the Sacred: February, 2021

The Gift of Silence: January, 2021

The Coziness Cure: December, 2020

In the Midst of Death, Gratitude: November, 2020

The Sacred Quarries of Minnesota: October, 2020

My New Friends the Stoics: September, 2020

The Great Serpent of Ohio: August, 2020

The Solace of Nature: July, 2020

The Web of Wyrd: June, 2020

After the Fire: May, 2020

All Shall Be Well: April, 2020