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Recent Issues

In my March newsletter, the sandhill cranes of Nebraska teach me about sacred air.

Read my February newsletter to learn of a guide who can lead you through the forest of mystery.

In my January newsletter I learn some spiritual lessons from drawing my day.

I get advice on aging from three wise teachers in my December newsletter.

In my November newsletter, I ponder forgiveness after visiting the Homeland War Museum in Croatia.

Some thoughts on Vincent Van Gogh and the transformational power of art in my October newsletter.

In my September newsletter I make a literary pilgrimage to the Anne of Green Gables sites in Canada.

Chaco Canyon in New Mexico is hard to get to, either freezing or blazing hot, and often full of blowing sand. And it’s worth every bit of inconvenience and hardship. Reach my August newsletter to learn why.

My husband’s recent medical adventures become fodder for my July newsletter.

Looking for a place to do research on your family history? In my June newsletter, I visit one of the nation’s best genealogy collections (added bonus: a splendid collection of Abraham Lincoln documents and artifacts).

In my May newsletter, I learn some things about sadness as a superpower from the Sufis of Istanbul and Susan Cain’s new book Bittersweet.

In my April newsletter, I give praise to the guru who lives in my phone.

In my March newsletter, some reflections on the Hawaiian goddess of fire.

I learn some spiritual lessons from animals in my February newsletter.

In my January newsletter I reflect on lessons for the New Year from the new book Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals by Oliver Burkeman.

In my December newsletter I travel to Alaska to see the aurora borealis.

Past Issues

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The Sacred Quarries of Minnesota: October, 2020

My New Friends the Stoics: September, 2020

The Great Serpent of Ohio: August, 2020

The Solace of Nature: July, 2020

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After the Fire: May, 2020

All Shall Be Well: April, 2020