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Recent Issues

In my May newsletter, I learn some things about sadness as a superpower from the Sufis of Istanbul and Susan Cain’s new book Bittersweet.

In my April newsletter, I give praise to the guru who lives in my phone.

In my March newsletter, some reflections on the Hawaiian goddess of fire.

I learn some spiritual lessons from animals in my February newsletter.

In my January newsletter I reflect on lessons for the New Year from the new book Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals by Oliver Burkeman.

In my December newsletter I travel to Alaska to see the aurora borealis.

I get a lesson from the Taoists, and from water, in my November newsletter.

In my October newsletter, I travel to South Dakota to see one of the world’s great wildlife spectacles: the Buffalo Roundup in Custer State Park.

An uninvited guest, and the ancient Greeks, teach me something new about families in my September newsletter.

I’m on the lookout for the arrival of my new book on August 24–see my August newsletter for details.

In my July newsletter, some musings on the spiritual power of trees. Added bonus: information on how to get a free copy of my upcoming book The Soul of the Family Tree!

Read my June newsletter to learn about something we should know, but are rarely taught.

In my May newsletter, I’m delighted to share a sneak peek of my new book. The Soul of the Family Tree: Ancestors, Stories, and the Spirits We Inherit is about tracing my Scandinavian roots and the life lessons of genealogy.

In my April newsletter, learn how you might want to follow the example of some bears at Effigy Mounds National Monument.

What have you learned from this strange and perplexing year? In my March newsletter, some reflections on what to keep and what to throw away.

Past Issues

Breathing Our Way to the Sacred: February, 2021

The Gift of Silence: January, 2021

The Coziness Cure: December, 2020

In the Midst of Death, Gratitude: November, 2020

The Sacred Quarries of Minnesota: October, 2020

My New Friends the Stoics: September, 2020

The Great Serpent of Ohio: August, 2020

The Solace of Nature: July, 2020

The Web of Wyrd: June, 2020

After the Fire: May, 2020

All Shall Be Well: April, 2020